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DSI Touch Screen, In-ear headphones

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:06 pm
by tobiasherzke
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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 04:52:21 GMT
From: DL2BQA

I have successfully connected a DSI touch screen .
Now I want to program a simple user interface via B4X
I want to use it instead of the 8bitdo.
Programming with B4X is not the problem.
I rather need information about a good interface to the RPi.

I am grateful for any tips.


Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 05:25:28 GMT
From: DL2BQA
Subject: Replace 8Bitdo zero 2 with smartphone control

I want to replace the 8Bitdo with a smartphone app. (via
I want to go via bluetooth.
My question: how will openMHA develop further, is the choice of another interface possibly better / more future-oriented

I am thankful for every hint.


Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 07:08:19 GMT
From: DL2BQA
Subject: In-ear headphones with 3D audio playback & record function

I want to connect these headphones to the openMHA: ... 014400-000

Does anyone have any tips on how to do this most easily?

Thank you


Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 12:52:28 GMT
From: tobiasherzke
Subject: Re: In-ear headphones with 3D audio playback & record function
I've taken a quick glance and these seem to be bluetooth headsets with the option of connecting to a PC by cable. It is not clear to me if the cable in question is a USB cable or an analogue audio cable.

If the cables carry analogue audio, then you would need to add a USB soundcard to connect the device to your computer.

For USB or Bluetooth, you should ensure that the device works with Linux before buying.

You seem to have an interesting project going on and you are welcome to share your progress here in the forum. Just be prepared that your setup may be so unique that no one here can provide much help.