How to start openMHA

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How to start openMHA

Post by steffendasenbrock » Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:30 am

This post offers a quick start guide on how to start openMHA. This is covered in section 2 of the Getting Started Document (displayed below) which you can also download under the following link:

If you have questions about the quick start guide feel free to post them here. For other topics regarding the Getting Started document find the corresponding post to that specific section.

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Re: How to start openMHA

Post by KristinOhlmann » Mon May 03, 2021 6:40 pm


I am trying to get openMHA running on my Windows 10 laptop. It seems that the mha --interactive line does not work for me (inside the bin folder it does work).
If I am in the same folder as the link file, typing openMHA.lnk --interactive does successfully start the program, but following the instructions for the first example fails right away ((mha_parser) not able to open file "gain_getting_started.cfg" for reading. (MHA:failure)). This observation may of course also be totally unrelated...

At least to me it seems like some path-wise confusion is going on here. Before installing openMHA in the default location (where it is now), I installed and uninstalled it on the D drive and deleted all associated files I could spot. Can that be part of the problem and how can I solve this?


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Re: How to start openMHA

Post by hendrikkayser » Tue May 04, 2021 3:25 pm

Hi Kristin,
it seems that the entry for openMHA is missing in your PATH environment variable. Please check in your system settings whether the entry is there.

The error message occurs, because mha does not find the configuration file to be read, as it is not in the same directory in which you started mha. You could point mha to the correct location

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?read:<path to .cfg file>/gain_getting_started.cfg
, but then you would also have to modify the path to the audio file within the configuration file.
Once the path issue is solved you should be able to to into the directory where the configuration is located, start mha there and run the command successfully.

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